Frequently asked questions about KYC

  • What is KYC and why do I need to do it?
    KYC stands for ‘Know Your Customer’ and it’s a process that allows us to be sure individuals are who they say they are. Aside from being good practice, this also means we can be sure that people are not participating with more than one account to get around the individual cap placed on the crowdsale to promote fairness.

    How do I start the KYC process?
    You’ll need an account at before you can do anything else. Once registered, go to your account page and follow the instructions to upload documents.

    Which documents do I need?
    We ask for two documents to verify your identity – a photo ID such as a passport or drivers’ licence plus a proof of address. A list of documents permitted for this can be found here.

    Which document formats will you accept?
    You can photograph your documents (clearly) and send us an image file or screenshot documents on your machine, but they MUST be legible. We will also accept PDFs.

    I’m having a problem uploading my documents. What can I do?
    If you can’t find the answer here please reach out to us on Telegram or Discord. Alternatively you can contact

    I’ve submitted my documents. How long does the KYC process take?
    We expect to process most applications within one or two days but it can take up to five days, so please be patient. The crowdsale has a very high number of registered participants.

    Will you accept documents in languages besides English?
    Yes, if your documentation is in your local language that is fine.

    Which wallets are acceptable?
    Head this way for the answer to this question.

    I am from [insert country name here] can I participate?
    The DADI ICO is managed by DADI+ Limited, which is a UK entity (company no. 08599900). The ICO is operating under the jurisdiction of the UK. It is up to all participants, regardless of their jurisdiction, to ensure that they have taken appropriate investment and tax advice with regards to the purchasing of DADI Tokens.

    Is there a deadline for completing KYC?
    We recommend starting the process at least five days before the public sale starts for the best chance of verification in time. If you are less worried about being first through the door then don’t worry, we’ll leave it open until the crowdsale ends.

    Do I need to complete KYC to collect my referral bonus?
    Yes. Anyone participating in the DADI crowdsale needs to complete KYC.

    What happens if my KYC submission is rejected?
    If your application is not verified we will give a clear reason via your account page on You will also have the chance to rectify this by completing a further submission.

    My application was successful. What now?
    Participate in the crowdsale! If you are reading this before the crowdsale has started, don’t worry – we’ll notify you before it starts.

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