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    18th September 2017

    API 3.0 is almost with us, Web 4.0 has arrived and the MVP release of DADI Publish nears the end of its testing and review process.


    DADI API 3.0 is very close to a final public release. We have been working with a couple of release candidates and identified one or two small issues, which have been resolved.

    When it is released, API 3.0 will allow you to choose which underlying database you use by installing the appropriate data connector and configuring API.

    The first available data connector will be for MongoDB, as that was the default database selected by the core development team DADI API. Further data connectors are currently in development for CouchDB and a JSON file store. When API 3.0 is released, we will also make a sample data connector repository available for you to build your own.

    DADI Web

    DADI Web Version 4.0 has been released. Version 4.0 contains several performance enhancements and a simplified codebase for easier maintenance. Already in use on a couple of production sites, we're extremely happy with what this project has become.

    Full release notes are available at

    DADI Publish

    The MVP release of Publish is getting closer. We've spent the last couple of months improving test coverage and implementing a modular component subscriber routine.

    The system is due to undergo a full UI review in the next few days, the results of which will determine how much more development effort is required before MVP, as well as when that release will be scheduled.

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