Why are you using an ICO to fund the development of DADI rather than "real" money?

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    We are interested in disrupting the status quo, and are doing this in our sector by building a network that is powered by the laptops and mobile phones of tens of thousands of people as opposed to one that we construct and own outright (like Google and others have done).

    Because of this we want an ownership model that reflects the overall setup of the platform, which is why we are running a crowdsale rather than taking money from venture capital firms (a door that has always been open to us).

    Token holders and those who contribute capacity will earn money from platform use, with the vast majority of all revenue being distributed in this way.

  • Shall I assume that as a resident of the US I cannot purchase an ICO?

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    Hi Netbrainer,

    Residents of the United States are allowed to participate as DADI is a utility token, not a security. See https://forum.dadi.tech/topic/58/presale/2 :)

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