DADI roadmap update - 12th December, 2017

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    New release: DADI API Version 3.0

    After several rounds of beta testing, API 3.0 is now officially available to install from NPM.

    We've spent a lot of time since the last beta release in November ensuring that each of the data connectors could be connected to from API in the most efficient way, as well as improving the process for database reconnection in the event of a network outage.

    Two data connectors are currently available, with several more in the early stages of development.

    To install a new API, see the installation section of the API Documentation site; to migrate your existing API instance to 3.0, see the Migration Guide.

    Interactive API Setup with DADI CLI

    Along with the release of API 3.0, support has been added to our CLI tool, which now includes an interactive setup process for both API and CDN.

    Upcoming release: DADI CDN Version 2.0

    We've been working hard on new features for CDN 2.0.:

    • On-the-fly Babel transpiling of JavaScript assets based on user-agent, so that users will only see transformed code when their browser doesn't support the original

    • Plugin support to allow additional processors to be added to an installation - with a set of new processors to get you started including a dynamic text compositing processor

    Upcoming release: DADI Web Version 5.0

    It doesn't seem so long ago that Web 4.0 was published, but so much development has happened since then. Two of the big features we're excited about for Web 5.0 are "Post Processors" (which you can read about here) and support for "Data Providers".

    Web has several Data Providers bundled into the core, allowing data to be requested from a variety of APIS including DADI APIs, Wordpress APIs, Twitter API and almost any remote API you can think of.

    Web 5.0 will have support for defining your own Data Providers, in much the same way as multiple template engines can be loaded.

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