DADI roadmap update - 20th November, 2017

  • DADI

    DADI CDN - Version 2.0

    Development on new features has begun in anticipation of the release of CDN 2.0. We'll be adding plugin support similar to the way DADI Web allows multiple template engines to be added to an installation.

    We're also improving some of the processes around serving CSS and JS assets, consolidating the endpoints so they match the format used for images:

    • /js/0/file.js becomes /file.js
    • /js/1/file.js becomes /file.js?compress=1

    In addition, we’re adding support for ES6, giving CDN 2.0 the ability to deliver minified ES6 code.

    DADI CLI - Interactive API Setup

    Support has been added to our command line application for the upcoming API 3.0, including an interactive setup process. It’s not yet available, but when API 3.0 is released (stay tuned) CLI will bring a new API install and setup experience with it.

    DADI API - Rethinking the Authentication and Authorization Flow

    We're often asked ‘how can I use API with my front-end application?’, so we've started to investigate approaches that differ from the current approach.

    We have one or two solutions in the works for the next version of API (Version 4.0) which will enhance API's built-in ACL to include roles and role hierarchies to go along with the existing document and collection level permissions.

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