DADI and data-driven product development

  • A big challenge for product managers is finding the signal in the noise of stakeholder requirements to keep your product roadmap pointing in the right direction.

    Strong characters with gut feelings can derail projects, there’s nothing new in that. Google Analytics, Chartbeat, Domo, Looker and myriad usual analytics suspects can be deployed to stand in the way of these hunches, but what if product development strategy is baked into your platform?

    This is a key point of focus for three new DADI web services planned for 2018 (read our full roadmap here). DADI Track is a real-time, streaming data layer providing accurate metrics down to each individual using your product – it watches every move of anonymous and known users to paint a picture far more accurate than the averages and assumption gleaned from GA.

    0_1511426528738_Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 17.42.15.png

    Paired with DADI Identity – a CRM layer that guarantees the uniqueness of individuals – it will also help power highly targeted personalisation of both content and commercial opportunity (more on that in an upcoming post). But with DADI Visualize, our data visualization interfaces, Track can be used to floodlight your product roadmap with insight to support development decisions.

    You’ll be able to tune it to measure a full range of metrics relevant to the product management process, from audience retention and conversion to user journeys by demographic or user segment. Plus, the same functionality DADI is developing to drive segmentation of audience for personalisation will also be able to deliver real-time A/B testing to further enrich your armoury.

    Finally – and possibly most satisfyingly – DADI Track will kill a whole bunch of third-party integrations you currently need to run on your product to achieve the level of insight you need to keep your stakeholders informed. And Visualize will mean just one interface from which to find it all.

    If you’re interested in hearing more about our plans for analytics in DADI web services in 2018, drop me a line or find me on Discord. More details on DADI technology here.

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