Where next for Publish?

  • What makes a good CMS? This question was the starting point for DADI Publish – a product conceived as the antidote to traditional systems that barely tip a hat to editorial workflow.

    Now we’ve released a public beta (laid on the foundations of COPE and API-first), thoughts are turning to extended functionality for authors.

    As product director I’m interested in hearing from editors and product managers (and engineers switched on to editorial requirements) to help prioritise upcoming requirements, or better still, to propose new ideas we haven’t yet thought of.

    Versions of Publish already drive editorial workflow for over 200 digital products (and over 1000 editors) for publishers including Bauer Media and others, so we’re not starting from scratch – some of our favourite ideas are listed below:

    • Concurrent article editing (collaborative writing)
    • Commenting and discussion on articles
    • Import and export of content
    • XML hook-up for InDesign (run some of your print workflow via Publish)
    • Customisable interfaces to suit your editorial requirements
    • Slack integration
    • Integrated A/B testing (linked optionally to DADI Identity)
    • Improved user dashboards with analytics driven by Track and Visualize
    • Image editing (no more Photoshop)
    • Fully integrated version control
    • A meaningful live preview across different devices

    So, which do you like? Any you have a strong opinion on? Please share your answers below – and in return I’ll keep you abreast of where they fit in our development schedule :)

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