DADI roadmap update – 13th November, 2017

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    DADI API - Release Testing and Auto-Documentation

    We're up to Release Candidate 2 for the version 3.0 release of DADI API.

    Rigorous testing has thrown a couple of curve balls and we've had to revamp the test suite to accommodate some of the larger changes in this release.

    Auto-Documentation Generation

    Each DADI API instance can install a plugin to automatically generate a set of documentation for the API it is attached to, which is useful to give to developers who need to communicate with your API.

    Until now we have been using API Blueprint for this. This is changing: we've made the decision to migrate to the OpenAPI specification, formerly Swagger. This will give us the ability to import an OpenAPI specification into a new API instance to automatically create all the collection schema files required to run the API. An exciting development!

    DADI Publish

    Recent development has focused on adding markdown and image rendering, along with some investigation into collaborative editing.

    DADI Web - Binary form data

    In existing DADI Web projects where there has been a requirement to handle binary form data - such as image uploads - we've coded a bespoke solution each time. We have decided to include this functionality in Web either as part of the core build or as a plugin. The details of the implementation are still being discussed.

    This will be an addition to the codebase when Web 5.0 is released in a couple of months.

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