What's different between DADI and SONM?

  • DADI

    Quoting SONM:

    "SONM is a universal fog blockchain based supercomputer. It is an ethereum based network of globally distributed computational power. SONM project’s main purpose is to provide safe, cost efficient, means for executing general purpose computing workloads that can range from game servers all the way up to complex calculations of various forms of scientific research, using a free decentralized marketplace."

    SONM is a general purpose computing cloud, whereby you can rent machine resource to execute specific tasks. Their focus appears to be on functionality traditionally served by super computer clusters, such as scientific projects, neural networks and rendering. However they do mention site hosting as a potential use case, albeit with a significant lack of clarity and with big barriers to adoption such as a lack of ability to map in traditional top level domains, instead falling back to a service- specific address layer:

    "In the address bar the service may look like name.site.sonm or probably just %name%.sonm (which would be the name of the service that finds a hidden node using the locator and loads the website)."

    Our focus is on the provision of clearly defined interlinked web services, many of which are already in market and proven at scale. In this and other respects we're significantly ahead of already-ICO'd projects like SONM.

    You can read our full technology white paper here.

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