10 months in the making, DADI API 3.0.0 Beta is available for testing now

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    Check it out now with npm install @dadi/api@3.0.0-beta

    We're very excited about this release as it brings huge performance gains to the platform along with a break from reliance on MongoDB, opening up the potential for using API as a drop in solution on top of practically any storage engine.

    Data Connectors

    API Version 3.0 supports multiple data connectors. In previous versions API used MongoDB as a backend; this is now configurable. API Data Connectors are available as NPM packages. To add one to your API installation, run the associated NPM install command:

    $ npm install @dadi/api-mongodb --save

    Connection Recovery

    API is now capable of recovering from database connection failures. When API is started with no available database service it will keep retrying until a successful connection can be made, then it runs the normal boot process.

    In addition, if the database connection is lost during normal operation of API, any requests made while the connection is offline will result in a HTTP 503 returned to the client.

    ...and much, much more

    We've added a new /hello endpoint for load balancing status monitoring, better support for null handling and reference document enhancements amongst others.

    Full release notes can be found here: https://github.com/dadi/api/releases/tag/v3.0.0-beta

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