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    Regular readers will remember our post “Public sale: by the numbers”, where we outlined the tremendous response to the DADI Crowdsale — 42,000+ on Telegram; 4,600+ on Discord; and almost 200,000 users registered at

    An audience of this size requires some management, so we thought we’d share some stats on how we are doing, starting with email support. This is the backbone of our process for dealing with questions and issues from the community. We have a team dedicated to this support channel and we’re proud to say that we’re maintaining an average response time of under 24hrs (17 hours and 56 minutes to be precise).


    To elaborate further, 18% of tickets were responded to within an hour, 27% of tickets were responded to within 8 hours, and a further 27% of tickets within 24 hours.

    In total, there have been 3,709 tickets, of which 3,469 are solved, which is a whopping 93.5%.


    We had a number of contributors requesting changes to their account wallet following the conclusion of the Public sale. Security is of paramount importance, and the process for verifying wallet ownership takes some time to complete. Even still, of over 200 requests we’ve verified over 130, updating their wallets accordingly.

    Of course email support isn’t the only place where you can request assistance. Our Telegram and our Discord are channels are for life, not just for crowdsale, and our 10-strong team of community admins can be found in these channels around the clock. They can answer your questions even faster than we can by email.

    So, if there’s something you need to know about DADI or about your account, try one of our social channels first, or DM an admin. Otherwise send us an email and we’ll try to beat 17 hours and 56 minutes.

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