My Eth still has not come back into MEW from ICO

  • Hi,

    I Still have not yet received my Eth back yet, from the ICO...?? I watched the timer tick down to zero, the site went down, after 15 min., after refreshing every 10-20 seconds, the site came back up... I sent Etherium instantly (unfortunately only at 76 GWI, instead of 99), and it did not make it in time before it sold out.

    But I still never got that back in MEW...? How long does it take to get it back? Thanks,

    James McGrady Gamble

  • I'm sure you used exchange to send your ETH to Dadi contract. That's why you didn't recieve ETH back. If you were using your own wallet ETH will bounce back instantly after transaction fail to reach smart contract. So, deal with the exchange from which you sent the ETH during the sale. Not related to Dadi.

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