Bug on crowdsale page

  • Hi,

    I think there may have been a bug on the crowdsale page/dashboard because it showed the presale contract address to send money to. I can confirm this because there are a number of transactions sent to this address once the crowdsale started. What will happen to these transactions?

  • @lars

    I've sent payment from my wallet and he still showing as pending does that mean I will still qualify for the tokens ?

  • Hello ,

    I sent in the right time and the first people who sent for your address , but I get failed after 50 min , you addres showing all the value is still pending and its 0 value in $ , but you still saying its finished !!! . I dont understand how its come , you are lies for all of us , you already have the people who you want and you make them send for other address , but at the same time you keep saying your right address is the one which end with 914E , go for

    everything still pending and the value is ZERO !, so you are liers , you did used other account for other people , so because of this I feel sorry to myself to share my ID proof in your website , I have no way to contact you so please I want you to remove all of my account and all of my file with my ID ...etc . OR I will go for court .

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