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    How to guide for KYC verified participants

    Not long now!

    We want you to know exactly what steps you need to take to participate in the DADI Public sale event which starts Monday January 29 at 12.00 UTC.

    What follows is a step-by-step guide, so please take time to read it to be certain you are prepared.

    Getting Ready for the Public sale

    1. Make sure the wallet address on your profile is ERC-20 compliant

    This will be where you will be sending your Ethereum contributions from — and you need to have a wallet that you control the private keys for. DADI Tokens will also be sent back to the same wallet address after the public sale is completed.

    This is very important, please be careful! Your wallet must support ERC-20. DO NOT USE EXCHANGE ADDRESSES (Kraken, Bittrex, Coinbase, Binance etc).

    Confused about which wallet to use? Find out more here.

    2. Ensure that your wallet has sufficient ETH for your contribution

    ETH is the only currency accepted and you will not want to waste time topping up on the day.

    Participating in the Public sale

    There is a $5,000 USD per wallet cap. We recommend sending your transaction using 200,000 gas limit and 60 gwei.

    For fairness, we have capped the maximum gas price at 99 GWei.

    Please follow these steps on the day:

    • Sign in to your account on
    • Take note of the locked exchange rate in ETH
    • Enter an amount in USD in the space provided for ‘Contribution Amount’. The system will show the number of tokens you will get ($0.50 per token) and the amount you need to send in ETH. Ensure you enter an amount equal to or below the per wallet cap of $5,000. Payments greater than the cap will be automatically rejected
    • Copy the DADI smart contract address carefully
    • Log into your ETH wallet and click on the SEND button
    • Enter the correct smart contract address
    • Enter the exact amount of ETH provided in your DADI dashboard
    • Recommended settings are 200,000 gas and 60 GWei. Warning! Using GWei above 99 will result in a failed transaction and you will lose your transaction fee
    • Confirm the transaction details and complete the transaction. Transactions are often confirmed within 2–5 minutes, however this depends on the congestion on the Ethereum network so it may take longer

    Your DADI profile will be updated with your payment confirmation and number of tokens purchased. This can take up to an hour, so please be patient. You will also be able to see what is left of your contribution cap if you sent a lower amount than the cap.

    Note: payments will only be possible as long as the number of tokens requested is still available, after which further payments will be rejected.

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