How the Crowdsale works – a simple explanation

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    Now that the DADI Presale is officially live, we are seeing a lot of folks who are confused about when they can participate. While we are answering these questions on our Telegram, with over 33,000 people in the chat, answers are quickly lost.

    The Crowdsale is split into two main parts, the Presale (1) and the Public sale (2):

    (1) Presale – 22.01.18 – $0.40 USD

    The Presale is split into three phases. The first two phases are open only to whitelisted individuals and whitelist lottery applicants, with the final phase for any remaining tokens being open to the public.

    Phase 1 – 12:00 UTC
    The first phase of the Presale begins with the 500 participants who won the presale whitelist lottery. These folks are able to participate up to their stated amounts.

    Phase 2 – 18:00 UTC
    The second phase of the Presale is open to all 2,500 people who registered for the presale lottery. The personal cap during this phase is $10,000 USD, inclusive of any previously purchased amounts.

    Phase 3 – 20:00 UTC
    If there are any tokens remaining at 20:00, these are made available to the public. The price remains the same, $0.40, as does the cap of $10,000 USD. This continues until all of the Presale tokens are sold.

    The Presale is now closed!

    All the tokens allocated for the Presale (10,000,000) have been sold to lottery winners (phase 1, 12:00 UTC) and lottery participants (phase 2, 18:00 UTC). This means there won't be a phase 3.

    Remember that the majority of the tokens is reserved for the public sale (50,000,000), which starts on January 29th. Make sure you're registered at and your documents are submitted before January 25th.

    (2) Public sale – 29.01.18 – $0.50 USD

    Phase 1 – 12:00 UTC
    The Public sale opens at 12:00 UTC with a personal cap of $5,000 USD per person. The sale continues until the 28th February 2018 or until all the tokens are sold.

    Where do I send my ETH?

    You will receive instructions on where to send your Ether when the time is right. These instructions will appear at the bottom of your account page. If you can't see a contract address then you are not yet able to participate in the current phase.

    Which phase am I able to participate in?

    If you registered for the presale whitelist and received an email stating you were a winner, you will be able to take part in Presale phases 1, 2, 3, and the Public sale.

    If you registered for the presale whitelist but received an email stating you were not a winner, you will be able to take part in the Presale phase 2, 3, and the Public sale.

    If you either did not register for the presale whitelist, or if you were removed from the draw for being ineligible, then you will be able to take part in the Presale phase 3 (if tokens remain), and in the Public sale.

    I didn't register for whitelist, can I still take part in the presale?

    If you didn't register for the whitelist then you will only be able to participate in the Presale phase 3 if tokens remain, and the Public sale.

    Do you need to complete KYC verification to buy tokens?

    Yes. You must definitely complete your KYC verification if you wish to take part in any of the Crowdsale phases.

    If you have any further questions, or something is still unclear, please hop on our Telegram or Discord, or post a response to this thread.


  • @adamkdean

    Please where can I get the wallet to send my eth to?
    Do I have to create this wallet myself.
    What can I do please. I use
    I spent over a month saving and waiting for this pe-sale.
    I have been qualified to participate but I couldn't because my wallet wasn't going through.

  • DADI

    Hi @uche, there are a number of places that you can create a wallet. @eduardoboucas has written about that in this thread here: Please use one of the applicable wallet providers listed here and follow their instructions to create a wallet. Good luck.

  • So is the $5000 worth of tokens the minimum or maximum per person?

  • DADI

    @abdel2473 that is the maximum. There is no minimum.

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